Studio 4 Art

Studio 4 Art has a drop-in studio for people of all ages. Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00 and Thursday’s open until 8:00. Drop-in studio also available Saturday’s from 3:00-6:00. Learn about clay/ceramics/pottery in weekly workshops for children 2 years through teens. Check website for detailed information. Studio 4 Art is also available for parties, events and bridal/baby showers.


Tony has had his hands in clay for longer than he would like to say. His father was a brick and flowerpot maker in the old European tradition. Living and working in the small rural community of Enderby situated in the beautiful Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada , Tony carries on the tradition.

Steve Irvine

started making pottery 40 years ago and I’ve been earning my living as a potter for the past 34 years. The work that I make is mostly functional stoneware, but I don’t have a set line of work that is made on a production basis. I prefer to let forms and surfaces develop and evolve […]

Matthew A Yanchuk

My desire is to have my work find a use in the everyday life of the user. I use simple forms, which I make by slip-casting, I then apply my graphic designs so that they work with the forms in a harmonious collaboration. When painting the surfaces of the work,either by direct handpainting or a […]

Mary Judy

Currently working in the ceramics medium, all of Mary