Firing Services

ClayPeople’s firing is available for those who do not have a kiln. Firings are done by FULL Kiln,  HALF Kiln or Single SHELF load. Half Kiln Loads may have to wait for a full kiln for firing. All firing is first-come, first-served. Currently wait time is up to 3 weeks for your firing to be completed, depending on the amount, temperature and what is in line already. 

Payment is due prior to firing.


Terms & Conditions:

ClayPeople will not be responsible for the fired results or damage of any kind. ClayPeople reserves the right to refuse to fire any work.

ClayPeople will not accept:

  • Flammable or meltable materials inside clay (e.g. paper clay, metal)
  • Glazed greenware
  • Pieces that may explode during firing (e.g. hollow forms with no air hole, wet greenware)
  • Pieces that contain questionable materials (e.g. unknown clay or glaze maturing temperature)

Additional 10% charge added for kiln loads that require stilting pieces with bases glazed.

Kiln Size

KILNLow Fire- Bisque-LusterMid Fire
 TEST: 11″ x  13.5″(KM 614-3)$19/$10/$10$25/$15/$15
LARGE: 23″ x 24″ (KM1027)$89/$49/$35$99/$59/$35
XLARGE: 28″ x 29″ (KM1231)$109/$59/$40$129/$69/$40