ClayPeople Policies

Returns are accepted for most items purchased within 60 days with the receipt.

Items must be unused and undamaged for a refund.

Clay returns or exchanges of 250 pounds or more are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
Returns will NOT be accepted for: 
▪ Partially used item(s)
▪ Special order items (products ordered specifically for you)
▪ Equipment (kilns, wheels, slab rollers, etc.)
▪ Raw materials used or unused.

Items purchased and left in the store for more than 60 days will be forfeited without refund. Including, but not limited to:

▪ Fired work
▪ Clay
▪ Raw materials
▪ Equipment

Used equipment is sold AS IS with no warranty or refunds. 

Gift Cards, Service Fees and Shipping & Handling are Non-Refundable.

ClayPeople Resale Information

California Resale Certificate
If you are in the business of selling tangible items, you must submit a CA resale certificate for the purchase of items you will sell in the regular course of your business operations. When we have an up-to-date and signed CA Resale Certificate,  the seller does not owe tax on that sale. 

Resellers MUST fill out section 5 “Description of property to be purchased for resale” in order to get Resale status at ClayPeople.

Please make sure your Resale Information on file is Up To Date! 

  • Call to find out the status
  • Download certificate here ( CDTFA-230 ) to Fill out and Sign
  • Submit completed form to us in person or via email

Resale certificates are used:

  • When buying materials that will become a physical part of an item that will be held for resale.
  • When purchasing items solely for demonstration or display while holding them for sale in the regular course of business operations.