Very slow drying sculpture body developed for models in film industry. Widely used in clay-mation. This clay is not usually fired, but fires buff.

Tijuana Red

This terracotta clay body contains course and fine grogs, and fine-grained clays. Results in smooth surface with strength.

Steve’s White

This potter friendly clay combines the qualities of bright white color with excellent throwing and hand building properties. A very plastic earthenware.

San Jose White

Low fire white formula with grog and sand added for strength. Excellent for K-8 projects.

Pueblo White

Plastic white earthenware body for wheel or sculpture. Preferred by many teachers for children


MCW white modeling clay with sand for strength.


Smooth, white modeling clay. Has been approved by the California Department of Health for use in grades K-6 as per current art material supply laws.

Low Fire White

Smooth, easily worked clay for the wheel and for hand work. Can be fired to cone 1.

EM-210 Low Fire White

Smooth, all-purpose clay for small hand or wheel work. Works well with cast pieces. May be fired to cone 1 for extra strength. An excellent body for teaching beginning techniques such as coil & slab construction.

EM-207 Low Fire Red

Comparable in texture and working properties to EM-210. Often used for terracotta work.