Stoneware 1-C

Contains fine silica sand for a smooth texture and a vitreous stoneware body at cone 5.

Sedona Red

Red body. Quite smooth. Great throwing clay.

Navajo Wheel

Excellent smooth clay for hand and wheel work where deep red tile color is desired. Excellent for pit firing.


60 mesh sand clay body. Will go to cone 10. Excellent for throwing.

Hawaiian Red

A red slightly coarse clay with excellent working properties for wheel throwing and hand building. Talc free. Contains sand.

Half & Half

Combines equal amounts of white stoneware and porcelain to create a very throwable white body.

Dover White

Stoneware that is excellent for dinnerware and larger scale work. Plastic with 60 mesh sand for strength.


A strong grogged clay body great for hand building and sculpture. Not recommended for the wheel.


General-purpose clay that works well in methods. 60m sand adds medium texture. speckled reduction look in electric kiln.