Steve Irvine

started making pottery 40 years ago and I’ve been earning my living as a potter for the past 34 years. The work that I make is mostly functional stoneware, but I don’t have a set line of work that is made on a production basis. I prefer to let forms and surfaces develop and evolve […]

Skutt Kilns

Whatever you create, Skutt Kilns help bring it to life. Whether you need a kiln for a Pottery Studio, kilns for Classrooms, kilns for Contemporary Studios, a Glass Kiln, a Production Kiln, bead kilns…we have the kiln for you. People who require quality use SKUTT KILNS. Find out why Skutt Kilns are the #1 selling […]

S.D. Smith

My name is Sandi Smith; aka S D Smith. I am a sculptor, painter, and photographer. Also a licensed hairstylist & make up artist. I also fancy myself an Interior Designer (without papers) ;)P Pretty much anything that has to do with art, design, improvement, etc….I’m there!

Robert Compton Pottery

The focus of my work is inspired by ancient Jomon pottery. An important element is the quality of a pot’s surface, which for me, is best achieved in the process of wood firing and salt glazing. In the early 1990’s I built a variety of kilns at the studio. This provided the opportunity to offer […]

Richmond Art Center

Mission Richmond Art Center is a dynamic community arts organization that engages creative exploration and learning through studio art classes, and transformative community projects. Founded in 1936, the RAC provides meaningful visual arts experiences to the diverse populations of the greater San Francisco Bay Area Values We believe that experiences with the arts as communicated […]

Ficklefink Pottery

I am creative by birth, but an artist by choice”…Tammy Pease Nature’s elements…earth, fire, and water, make up the clay process. That is probably why I was drawn to it with such a passion.