Sonoma Ceramics

Sonoma Ceramics is the North Bay’s premiere public ceramics studio! We are open over 40 hours a week for studio use; fire the 24 cu.ft. Geil reduction kiln weekly; offer cone 04,5,10 and raku firings; 8-week long classes as well as weekend workshops by renowned ceramic professional including Ben Carter, Julia Galloway, Jason Walker, Gail […]

Bill Bloom Arts

Bill is becoming a legend in the North Bay. His fearless style, and engaging smile make all who meet him want to buy his art.

S.D. Smith

My name is Sandi Smith; aka S D Smith. I am a sculptor, painter, and photographer. Also a licensed hairstylist & make up artist. I also fancy myself an Interior Designer (without papers) ;)P Pretty much anything that has to do with art, design, improvement, etc….I’m there!

Susannah Israel

New York City-born artist Susannah Israel has a gritty yet passionate view of humanity, drawn from city life. Humor and struggle are part of the message. Israel’s expressive work is widely exhibited, appearing in catalogs and collections around the world. Career distinctions include receiving the prestigious Fletcher Challenge Premier Award, a Virginia Groot Foundation Award,

Modern Danish Artist

Recently updated,Crazy building, nice oxides. Multi part sculptures, great designs.