Ultracal 30

Surface hardness and compressive strength are higher and setting expansion is lower than Hydrocal B-11, but has similar workability and setting characteristics.

Pottery Plaster No. 1

Highly uniform, noted for outstanding performance and long life. The standard of the industry, it is the best material available for slip casting or jigger molds.

No. 1 Casting Plaster

Similar to 30 Minute Casting Plaster, but with a less porous surface because of surface hardeners added for strength.


Develops the highest compressive strength of any gypsum cement. Strongest and fastest superstrength gypsum cement available.

Hydrocal White

White gypsum cement that can be carved or built-up. It is a good choice for finished pieces such as sculptures, lamp bases and architectural elements.

Hydrocal B-11

Low expansion and dimensional accuracy. Plasticity for more gradual setting action makes it more suitable for buildup or templateformed models.

Dental Plaster, Lab.

This is a general dental application plaster with a set time between 6 and 9 minutes.


Low consistency gypsum cement. Smooth wearing mold material for use in pressing clay ware. Characterized by low absorption and specified for use with RAM automatic form ing equipment.