B-Mix 10 With Grog

Same as B-Mix with fine grog added for strength. Avoids speckling of B-Mix w/Sand.

B-Mix 10 With Sand

The addition of 10% fine, 90 mesh silica sand allows for a body with some texture. Some specking may occur.

B-Mix 10

A cream-white plastic clay that is easy to throw and form. Smooth porcelain texture. Excellent glaze results. Fires grey in reduction, white in oxidation. Dry slowly to avoid cracking.

Danish White

Good throwing body with strength and plasticity for medium and small pieces.

Death Valley Red

Fires to a dark brown color with iron specks. Good for general use.


Inspired by the natural Shigaraki clays of Japan. Grogzilla is a plastic, heavily grogged, specialty sculpture body. Great for wood firing.

Jamaica Blend

Rich brown-black clay. Excellent throwing qualities.

LB Blend

A very fluid throwing clay with fine grog. Popular for throwing open forms, small to large.

Paper Clay Ivory

Sculpture 412 clay body with paper fiber added. Great for coils, slabs and sculpture. Wet clay can be attached to dry greenware.

Black Mountain

A deep brown/black clay. Medium texture. Great for wheel. Warm chocolate brown in oxidation.Rich brown to black in reduction.