Sculpture Mix 513

Very plastic durable body with high percentage of refractory 20 mesh grog which gives rugged strength from wet work through final firing. Excellent for slab building and small to large sculpture. Recommended for Raku.

Sculpture Raku

Designed for the extreme demands of raku & sculptural work. Plastic and strong. High sand and grog content. A good throwing body. Excellent for Raku and other special firing methods because it withstands thermal shock extremely well.


True vitreous stoneware for the professional potter.

Soldate 60

Similar to Soldate 30 with finer 60 mesh sand for smoother texture.

Sonora White

White throwing clay with 60 mesh sand. Warm cream in light reduction. Speckled grey and white surface in heavy reduction. Excellent for functional ware.

Coleman Porcelain

A true grollege body developed by Tom Coleman. Excellent fit with most glazes, very white and great for large pieces. Best domestically produced porcelain you will find. An excellent translucent porcelain. Great for wheel thrown pieces of all sizes.


Contains 70 mesh sand. Good for raku. Slightly open body at cone 10.


A grollege porcelain. Very white in oxidation. Good for dinnerware.

Soldate 30

Pugged firm with high 30 mesh sand content. Ideal choice for large thrown pieces and sculptural forms.

Geo Stone

Stoneware body formulated for wheel. Finished look of porcelain.